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The new mantra of Sisthema “We shape our experience. Together” emphasizes the importance that Sisthema attributes to the active and reciprocal collaboration with its customers in order to give shape together to partnerships and companies that are increasingly solid, aware, agile, competitive and able to provide services or products of very high quality.


During the years, Sisthema has gained a significant experience in the organization and execution of audits in different fields: pharmaceutical (API, finished products, excipients, packaging), medical devices, cosmetic and food.

Using a network of highly qualified auditors, some of which on site, Sisthema is able to perform audits all over the world according to the main regulations and the specific needs of the customer.


Sisthema, with the support of its consultants, organizes personalized training courses, depending on the specific needs of the Customer, in the fields of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and of the application of current regulations in pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and food sectors

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