Mesned Pharma Consult Center (MPCC) was established in 2005 and is now the healthcare industry’s FIRST choice for sustainable outsourcing of Regulatory affairs, Clinical Research and Technical consulting services in the Middle East.

Whatever your needs, Product Registration, Clinical Trials or Training MPCC can resource any healthcare project, regardless of size and timescale. The increasingly complex medical regulations and requirements of Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) regional health authorities, and the need to remain abreast of rapid changes in global and local markets, requires dedicated teams of consultants and an organization focused firmly on the healthcare sector and we have specialist consultants, enabling us to support clients across all key healthcare sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, consumer healthcare, medical devices and generics.

Oriento is a company offering advisory in the life science market, enabling companies to achieve successful business development, always driven by innovative technologies. Being an innovative organization, Oriento relies on a proved, guaranteed team of experts and advisors. This model allows Oriento’s client to have a flexible and cost-effective access to the best competence for any specific topic and just for the time needed to achieve the goal.

Oriento’s expertise is on the Life Sciences field:

  • Start-ups advisory for growth
  • Knowledge management
  • Small Molecules process development
  • Particle engineering technologies
  • Solid state analysis
  • Respiratory products
  • Vendor selection & Supply Chain Management